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Zuleika's Story

A Savage Ally?

Ireena and Vlad tended to the traumatized children. Connell and Ismark stood guard to protect from ambush. And Forn and Domovoi sorted and scooped up treasure from the huge pile. It's a colossal horde indeed. Gems and Jewelry glitter amidst gold and silver and copper coins all minted elsewhere. Some are even recognisable as Waterdeep currency. 

But Samuel fixed his gaze on Zuleika. She told him her tale. 

[read with Romanian accent]

"Our pack. I was brought into pack years ago by Emil. Emil Toranescu. My mate. Our love knows no bounds. Nothing came between us. Kiril Stoyanovich was pack leader. He is very very strong. It is normal that he is in charge of pack. Pack is called Children of Mother Night. Pack is very strong. 

Kiril not smart. He make deal with Strahd. Strahd own us. We serve him. Bad idea. Kiril have another bad idea – we leave Barovia and go to different lands. Steal children. Terrible idea. I knew someone would come looking. Here is another bad idea: Kiril make children fight each other. In stone fighting pit. Only strong survive. Fights continue and continue until only most vicious and strong child lives. That one child is brought into the pack. So now pack are vicious and stupid. Mother Night's blessing is now a curse. Also waste. So many children die uselessly. Blessing of Mother Night make anyone strong. Such a waste. Wolf blessing is life of freedom. Wasted."

She spits.

"Emil, my mate, has better idea. At least let all children join pack he says. Kiril not listen. They fight. Kiril disappear. We think Emil has won. Emil did not win. Kiril the coward has run to tell Strahd. He returns with several dozen dire wolves. So big. They all take Emil to Strahd. Emil must be dead by now.

Kiril keeps me prisoner here. Feeds me little foods. I am so hungry but I not eat soft tasty childs." She glances at the weeping, shivering children that Vlad and Ireena are tending. 

"So I pray to Mother Night. Pray for sign. Pray for answer. And then you arrive. You are brought by Mother Night to rescue these children. And slay Strahd. I am come with you. My life is your life. I live only to kill the Devil Strahd. He took from me only thing I loved."

She has advice to offer:

The pack will return soon. She doesn't know when. Could be one hour. Could be 4. It's nightfall now. You can either hole up here and do a 'last stand' or take the 11 kids and try to hike the one and a half miles through difficult terrain at night. And maybe be ambushed by wolves on the way. 

Personally she wants you to stay here in the den and go down swinging. But she really just wants a chance to fight and kill Kiril with some tough backup (you guys). 


She’s like this character, right?

Zuleika's Story

I forgot about her!

All joking aside, not really. She has a different flavour…

But It’s time to watch the Howling again! GREAT SHOW!

Zuleika's Story

Samuel listens to her story respectfully, then responds, “Wolves hunt. This is natural. The alpha leads. But always, the health of the pack is paramount. This…[gesturing to the terrified children]…this is not the way the natural order works.”

He fixes his gaze upon Zuleika, “I think you understand. And I think you were doing what you had to do to survive. But the children must be returned. It is unacceptable. We were the first to come, but more might follow if this is not undone. There is great anger amongst the city dwellers.”

He pauses for effect. “Zuleika, Kiril will only bring death to your pack. I am sorry we had to kill to enter this place. But Kiril brought this upon you. The pack needs a new leader. One who understands how to co-exist with the land, and how to live near the untouched [referring to non-lycanthropes]”

“Zuleika, I too am a shapechanger, and one with the land. I will help you.”

Zuleika's Story

OUT OF GAME: Samuel’s inner voice…“I could be that leader!” lol

Zuleika's Story
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