The Mists of Ravenloft

Day 6 - Nature's Savage Fury

Desperate Race Against Time

Samual Stormchaser led them to Yester Hill where they interrupted a Druidic Ritual to bring life to a Wicker Man. Lightning and Flame wreathed the battlefield as the party clashed with Berserkers and Wiccans. 

After all were dead and the wicker man burned they turned their attention to a Gulthias tree where Ismark acquired a very potent axe. 

They immediately travelled to the werewolf cave which was not hard to find. They entered in full force and cut down a dozen wolves and a half dozen cursed werewolves before they found where they children were being held. The children are inconsolable and in complete shock. They scream and cry piteously. Zuleika Toranescu surrendered and swore her hatred of Strahd  who took her mate to Castle Ravenloft to kill him. She warned the party that the werewolves they killed were not the pack – they were the elderly and young. The pack would return at any moment…





Anatexis Anatexis

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