The Mists of Ravenloft

The Death House

Wherein the adventurers stumble across horror

The children met the adventurers on the dark, misty road. With scared voices they begged the party to help them. The house they pointed to was well kept and prosperous looking. Upon entering it was quiet but well appointed. 


But all was not well. By the time they reached the third floor it was dusty and covered with cobwebs. They came across a nursemaid's room and and attached nursery and it was most horrific. A black spectre of a woman attacked mercilessly. Their faith protected them. They also discovered that they could not leave the house – the mists just choked them.

Back inside they began careful investigations. They found disturbing images hidden in innocuous carvings. A suit of armor came to life and attacked them. Finally they found a secret door on the third floor with stairs leading up to the Attic…


Anatexis Anatexis

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