The Mists of Ravenloft

Duty Calls

Into the Mists

Lord Kelson Darktreader summoned the most promising of the new recruits of the Daggerford Militia for a dangerous mission: To enter the misty forest and find the lair of the werewolves that were committing atrocities on the farmers and villagers of the eastern Daggerford region. It would be even better if the squad were able to locate the kidnapped children. 

The party assembled and set forth. They had good, serviceable gear and carried the convictions of their faiths. The peasants and villagers they met were kind and helpful. Daggerford was a well ruled region and the Militia is known far and wide as a force for good. Even the fey and Elves of the Misty forest and Laughing Hollow give them a wary trust. 

On the second day they entered the forest proper. It grew dark and the mist closed in. Before long they came across massive gates on the road.  The passed through with some trepedation. The gates creaked shut behind them. Vlad firmly kept them going forward. 

The stench of death alerted them to a body in the woods, just off the road. Vlad read a letter recovered from the horrible scene. He crumpled it up. "It is a cry for help from these oppressed people", he said. 

They continued into this strange land of 'Barovia'. They entered the town to find two scared children in front of a house. They asked for the party's help in dealing with the monster in their basement. The party could not help but agree to help these two children.



Anatexis Anatexis

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