The Mists of Ravenloft

Five Days to Terror

Madness Awaits

After their careful explorations of this cursed land the party has arrived at Krezk. A stout, cold town nestled at the base of mountain spur. It sits under a monastery that is stalked by madness: The Abbey of St. Markovia.

Once, in the distant past, the priests and nuns resorted to violence and cannibalism. Today the inhabitants are the disturbing and inbred Belview clan. They emerged from the forest to seek refuge here and the Holy Abbott healed their afflictions. He went further, though, granting their requests for improvement.

Today the dozens of Belviews scurry and caper through the rooms. And the ones whose improvements have touched with madness, well, they sit in cells. The Abbott believes in caring kindly for all creatures. 

The morning breaks still, cold and calm. The clouds are very low but are motionless. The party emerges from the two cottages (side by side) where they were put up for the night. Wood is chopped, water boiled, and a hot breakfast soup is served by these simple, doughty, hearty folk. Your hosts are kind but also taciturn. 

What does day 6 bring?




Anatexis Anatexis

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