The Mists of Ravenloft

Zuleika's Story
A Savage Ally?

Ireena and Vlad tended to the traumatized children. Connell and Ismark stood guard to protect from ambush. And Forn and Domovoi sorted and scooped up treasure from the huge pile. It's a colossal horde indeed. Gems and Jewelry glitter amidst gold and silver and copper coins all minted elsewhere. Some are even recognisable as Waterdeep currency. 

But Samuel fixed his gaze on Zuleika. She told him her tale. 

[read with Romanian accent]

"Our pack. I was brought into pack years ago by Emil. Emil Toranescu. My mate. Our love knows no bounds. Nothing came between us. Kiril Stoyanovich was pack leader. He is very very strong. It is normal that he is in charge of pack. Pack is called Children of Mother Night. Pack is very strong. 

Kiril not smart. He make deal with Strahd. Strahd own us. We serve him. Bad idea. Kiril have another bad idea – we leave Barovia and go to different lands. Steal children. Terrible idea. I knew someone would come looking. Here is another bad idea: Kiril make children fight each other. In stone fighting pit. Only strong survive. Fights continue and continue until only most vicious and strong child lives. That one child is brought into the pack. So now pack are vicious and stupid. Mother Night's blessing is now a curse. Also waste. So many children die uselessly. Blessing of Mother Night make anyone strong. Such a waste. Wolf blessing is life of freedom. Wasted."

She spits.

"Emil, my mate, has better idea. At least let all children join pack he says. Kiril not listen. They fight. Kiril disappear. We think Emil has won. Emil did not win. Kiril the coward has run to tell Strahd. He returns with several dozen dire wolves. So big. They all take Emil to Strahd. Emil must be dead by now.

Kiril keeps me prisoner here. Feeds me little foods. I am so hungry but I not eat soft tasty childs." She glances at the weeping, shivering children that Vlad and Ireena are tending. 

"So I pray to Mother Night. Pray for sign. Pray for answer. And then you arrive. You are brought by Mother Night to rescue these children. And slay Strahd. I am come with you. My life is your life. I live only to kill the Devil Strahd. He took from me only thing I loved."

She has advice to offer:

The pack will return soon. She doesn't know when. Could be one hour. Could be 4. It's nightfall now. You can either hole up here and do a 'last stand' or take the 11 kids and try to hike the one and a half miles through difficult terrain at night. And maybe be ambushed by wolves on the way. 

Personally she wants you to stay here in the den and go down swinging. But she really just wants a chance to fight and kill Kiril with some tough backup (you guys). 

Day 6 - Nature's Savage Fury
Desperate Race Against Time

Samual Stormchaser led them to Yester Hill where they interrupted a Druidic Ritual to bring life to a Wicker Man. Lightning and Flame wreathed the battlefield as the party clashed with Berserkers and Wiccans. 

After all were dead and the wicker man burned they turned their attention to a Gulthias tree where Ismark acquired a very potent axe. 

They immediately travelled to the werewolf cave which was not hard to find. They entered in full force and cut down a dozen wolves and a half dozen cursed werewolves before they found where they children were being held. The children are inconsolable and in complete shock. They scream and cry piteously. Zuleika Toranescu surrendered and swore her hatred of Strahd  who took her mate to Castle Ravenloft to kill him. She warned the party that the werewolves they killed were not the pack – they were the elderly and young. The pack would return at any moment…




Five Days to Terror
Madness Awaits

After their careful explorations of this cursed land the party has arrived at Krezk. A stout, cold town nestled at the base of mountain spur. It sits under a monastery that is stalked by madness: The Abbey of St. Markovia.

Once, in the distant past, the priests and nuns resorted to violence and cannibalism. Today the inhabitants are the disturbing and inbred Belview clan. They emerged from the forest to seek refuge here and the Holy Abbott healed their afflictions. He went further, though, granting their requests for improvement.

Today the dozens of Belviews scurry and caper through the rooms. And the ones whose improvements have touched with madness, well, they sit in cells. The Abbott believes in caring kindly for all creatures. 

The morning breaks still, cold and calm. The clouds are very low but are motionless. The party emerges from the two cottages (side by side) where they were put up for the night. Wood is chopped, water boiled, and a hot breakfast soup is served by these simple, doughty, hearty folk. Your hosts are kind but also taciturn. 

What does day 6 bring?



The Death House
Wherein the adventurers stumble across horror

The children met the adventurers on the dark, misty road. With scared voices they begged the party to help them. The house they pointed to was well kept and prosperous looking. Upon entering it was quiet but well appointed. 


But all was not well. By the time they reached the third floor it was dusty and covered with cobwebs. They came across a nursemaid's room and and attached nursery and it was most horrific. A black spectre of a woman attacked mercilessly. Their faith protected them. They also discovered that they could not leave the house – the mists just choked them.

Back inside they began careful investigations. They found disturbing images hidden in innocuous carvings. A suit of armor came to life and attacked them. Finally they found a secret door on the third floor with stairs leading up to the Attic…

Duty Calls
Into the Mists

Lord Kelson Darktreader summoned the most promising of the new recruits of the Daggerford Militia for a dangerous mission: To enter the misty forest and find the lair of the werewolves that were committing atrocities on the farmers and villagers of the eastern Daggerford region. It would be even better if the squad were able to locate the kidnapped children. 

The party assembled and set forth. They had good, serviceable gear and carried the convictions of their faiths. The peasants and villagers they met were kind and helpful. Daggerford was a well ruled region and the Militia is known far and wide as a force for good. Even the fey and Elves of the Misty forest and Laughing Hollow give them a wary trust. 

On the second day they entered the forest proper. It grew dark and the mist closed in. Before long they came across massive gates on the road.  The passed through with some trepedation. The gates creaked shut behind them. Vlad firmly kept them going forward. 

The stench of death alerted them to a body in the woods, just off the road. Vlad read a letter recovered from the horrible scene. He crumpled it up. "It is a cry for help from these oppressed people", he said. 

They continued into this strange land of 'Barovia'. They entered the town to find two scared children in front of a house. They asked for the party's help in dealing with the monster in their basement. The party could not help but agree to help these two children.



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